The following are categories of graduate students at New Mexico State University.  A student seeking admission to a graduate program is assigned one of the following categories based upon previous academic performance.

Master’s Regular

An applicant whose scholastic record is satisfactory will be admitted as a regular student.  This classification includes:

  • an applicant whose gpa is greater than or equal to 3.0 or a gpa greater than or equal to 3.0 in the last half of undergraduate work,
  • an international applicant whose gpa (or its equivalent) is greater than or equal to 3.0,
  • a continuing graduate student whose gpa is greater than or equal to 3.0, or
  • a student with prior graduate work at another institution whose minimum gpa is 3.0.

Doctoral Student

To be considered for admission to a doctoral program, an applicant must have a minimum gpa of 3.0.  Some doctoral degree programs also require a master’s degree or its equivalent

For detailed information on types of admission and other related processes in order to attend NMSU, please refer to Graduate Admissions and the Graduate Catalog.