Water Science & Management Graduate Student Organization

Water Science & Management Graduate Student Organization


Mission Statement

The mission of the Water Science and Management Graduate Student Organization (WSM-GSO) is to provide students with resources to further their studies and careers while providing services and education to the community.

  • To create fellowship among Water Science & Management students and provide them with valuable resources and information related to the program and field of water resources.
  • To provide professional development activities to further Water Science & Management students’ career goals.
  • To provide public service and education to the community.
WSM-GSO meets 3-4 times a semester and participates in a variety of events, meetings and activities:
  • WSM’s annual “Semester Kickoff Event”
  • Agriculture Day at NMSU
  • Earth Day at NMSU
  • WSM’s annual “Graduation Ceremony & Reception”
  • Community Service, Recruitment and Outreach
  • Regional Conferences
  • National Conferences
If you are interested in learning more about WSM-GSO or would like to become part of an elite and enthusiastic group, please email Jesslyn Ratliff at jesslynr@nmsu.edu and she will put you in contact with a GSO leader.

WSM-GSO Member Leaders

President, Michael Hatch

Vice President, Aracely Tellez

Secretary, Jonas Moya

Treasurer, Befekadu Habteyes

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Kenneth “KC” Carroll, kccarr@nmsu.edu

Dr. Christopher Brown, brownchr@nmsu.edu