Water Conferences

The WSM program encourages students to present posters and/or research at local, regional and national conferences related to water resources and research. This gives WSM students the opportunity to seek potential employers, learn from water professionals, and gain a greater understanding of industry objectives, initiatives, and policy updates. Below is a list of conferences that several WSM students have attended in the past with the help of traveling grants and scholarships.

Geological Society of America (Cordilleran) Annual Meeting
Ontario, CA
National Water Resources Association (NWRA) Federal Water Issues Conference
Washington, DC
NGWA Groundwater Summit
Denver, CO
AWRA Spring Specialty Conference – Water – Energy – Environment
Anchorage, AK
Animas Conference – Environmental Conditions of the Animas & San Juan
Watersheds with Emphasis on Gold King Mine & Other Mine Waste Issues
Farmington, NM
Geological Society of America (Rocky Mountain) Annual Meeting
Moscow, ID
International Symposium on Managed Aquifier Recharge
Mexico City, Mexico
Universities Council on Water Resources/NIWR Conference
Pensacola Beach, FL
Toward Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture – An International Conference
Linking Science and Policy
Burlingame, CA
Western States Water Council Summer Council Meetings
Bismarck, ND
AWRA Summer Specialty Conference GIS & Water Resources IX
Sacramento, CA
Geological Society of America Annual Meeting
Denver, CO
Western States Water Council Summer Council Meetings
St. George, UT
American Society of Civil Engineers Convention
Portland, OR
WaterSmart Innovations Conference & Exposition
Las Vegas, NV
The International Water Association 
Brisbane, Austrailia
American Society of Agronomy, Crop/Soil Sciences Societies of America
Annual Meeting – Resilience Emerging From Scarcity & Abundance
Phoenix, AZ
Annual Conference – American Water Resources Association
Orlando, FL
Annual New Mexico Water Conference – NM WRRI New Mexico
Annual Conference – National Water Resources Association
Coronado, CA