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Spring Semester:

September 1 ( For both International and Domestic Students )

Fall Semester:

February 1 (For both International and Domestic Students)


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New Mexico faces serious challenges concerning the supply, development, quality, management, and administration of water resources; responses to these challenges will have major impacts on the regional economy, environmental quality, and the quality of life for the residents of New Mexico. A major need exists to train the next generation of water resource researchers, educators, and managers both inside and outside New Mexico.

To help meet these needs, an Interdisciplinary Degree Program in Water Science & Management (WSM) has been developed at NMSU by a team of water experts and approved by the Governor of New Mexico in November 2011. Currently, major participating academic departments include:

The primary purposes of the interdisciplinary degree program in Water Science and Management are to provide graduate education for addressing state, national, and international water issues, and to train the next generation of water professionals needed to meet the challenges described above.


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