Graduate Minors

A graduate minor in Applied Statistics or a graduate minor in Geographic Information Systems are the most common minors for students in the WSM Program. Information on these two minors are listed below. Student’s with a declared minor must have a faculty member from the minor's department sign their program of study. 
Any doctoral applicant for candidacy may declare up to two approved minors in addition to the major area of study. Demonstration of competency in the minor area will be required at both comprehensive and final examinations. If an approved minor is declared for a doctoral student, at least one (but no more than two) members of the committee must be from the minor area.


Geographic Information Systems- Graduate Minor

The Department of Geography offers a minor in Geographic Information Systems, and this minor is available for all graduate students. To earn a minor in GIS, the following courses are required, combining for a total of 14 credits. Students may not take any of these courses S/U, and students must earn a grade of at least B- in all of these classes.

Prefix Title Credits
GEOG 573 Introduction to Remote Sensing 4
GEOG 578 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science (GIS) 4
Select 6 credits from the following: 6
GEOG 571 Cartography and Geographic Information Systems 4
GEOG 572 Geodatabase Design 3
GEOG 581 System Design for Geographic Information Science (GIS) 3
GEOG 582 Advanced Remote Sensing 4
GEOG 588 GIS and Water Resources 3
GEOG 598 Selected Topics 1-3
Total Credits 14



Applied Statistics - Graduate Minor

Master’s level students wishing to minor in applied statistics at the master’s level must have at least 10 credits of 500-level applied statistics courses. In accordance with Graduate School requirements, doctoral students must have at least 12 credits of 500-level applied statistics courses for a minor. Students who wish to focus on experimental statistics typically complete A ST 503 SAS Basics, A ST 504 Statistical Software Applications, A ST 505 Statistical Inference I, A ST 506 Statistical Inference II. A typical course sequence for students interested in data analytics consists of A ST 505 Statistical Inference I, A ST 507 Advanced Regression, A ST 515 Statistical Analysis with R, and A ST 540 Predictive Analytics.

Students wishing to obtain the minor in applied statistics should contact an applied statistics faculty member to recommend appropriate applied statistics course work to be included in the plan of study and to serve as the graduate committee representative from the minor area.