Faculty & Researchers

Water Sciences and Management Faculty

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Faculty Department Field of Study Email Phone
A. Salim Bawazir Civil and Geological Engineering Evapotranspiration/Irrigation and drainage abawazir@nmsu.edu 646-6044
Max P. Bleiweiss Entomology Plant Path and Weed Science Remote sensing maxb@nmsu.edu 646-1367
Wiebke Boeing Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology Aquatic ecology wboeing@nmsu.edu 646-1707
Kenneth Boykin Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology River Riparian areas, Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Ecology kboykin@nmsu.edu 646-6303
Christopher Brown Geography GIS applications and binational water research brownchr@nmsu.edu 646-1892
Susan Brown Institute For Excel In Math & Science Ed susanbro@nmsu.edu 646-1397
Michaela Buenemann Geography Geographic information science, land system science, biogeography, landscape ecology, and drylands elabuen@nmsu.edu 646-6493
Colleen A. Caldwell Fishery and Wildlife Science Aquatic contaminants and toxicology ccaldwel@nmsu.edu 646-8126
Kenneth “KC” Carroll Plant and Environmental Sciences Hydrology, hydrogeology, water resources, environmental science, soil science, geochemistry, and environmental engineering kccarr@nmsu.edu 646-5929
David E. Cowley Fishery and Wildlife Science Aquatic ecology dcowley@nmsu.edu 646-1346
Doug Cram Extension Animal Resources Forest and Fire Management dcram@nmsu.edu 646-8130
Michael N. DeMers Geography Geographic Information Science and Technology, Landscape Ecology mdemers@nmsu.edu 496-5231
David W. DuBois Plant and Environmental Sciences Climatology dwdubois@nmsu.edu 646-2974
Daniel P. Dugas Geography Geomorphology ddugas@nmsu.edu 646-1045
Willis M. Fedio Food Safety Laboratory & Assoc. Pathogenic bacteria in chile, rapid detection and isolation of bacterial pathogens wfedio@nmsu.edu 646-7352
A.G. “Sam” Fernald Animal and Range Sciences Water quality hydrology afernald@nmsu.edu 646-1041
Rolando Flores Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Food Science and Technology agdean@nmsu.edu 646-3748
Reza Foudazi Chemical & Materials Engineering Membranes rfoudazi@nmsu.edu 646-3691
Amy Ganguli Animal and Range Sciences Rangeland restoration, agroecosystem resilience ganguli@nmsu.edu 646-3427
Ryan M. Goss Plant and Environmental Sciences Irrigation of Urban Landscapes and Turfgrasses ryangoss@nmsu.edu 646-2397
William R. Gould Economics and International Business Statistical analysis wgould@nmsu.edu 646-3986
Steven J. Guldan Ag Science Ctr at Alcalde Acequia irrigation systems sguldan@nmsu.edu (505) 852-4241
Jeffrey Herrick Wooton Hall Land evaluation and monitoring jherrick@nmsu.edu 646-5194
Brian H. Hurd Ag Economics and Ag Business Economics and policy Bhurd@nmsu.edu 646-2674
Michael D. Johnson Chemistry and Biochemistry Environmental applications of ferrate ion, FeO42-; arsenic, selenium and antimony remediation from ground water johnson@nmsu.edu 646-3627
J. Philip King Civil and Geological Engineering Surface water hydrology jpking@nmsu.edu 646-5377
Saeed Langarudi Animal and Range Sciences Modeling, decision system, social-hydrology systems lang@nmsu.edu 646-2515
Antonio S. Lara Chemistry and biochemistry Water quality and arsenic removal alara@nmsu.edu 646-2918
Bernd Leinauer Extensn Plant Sciences Irrigation water conservation, irrigation of turfgrass with saline and potable water leinauer@nmsu.edu 646-2546
Hongmei Luo Chemical Engineering Related water science research, Pholocatalyst for water splitting and removal of emerging contaminants hluo@nmsu.edu 646-4204
Martha C. Mitchell Engineering Research Center Water quality and arsenic removal martmitc@nmsu.edu 646-3422
Lambis Papelis Civil and Geological Engineering Aquatic Chemistry lpapelis@nmsu.edu 646-3801
Geno A. Picchioni Plant and Environmental Sciences Plant physiology and water stress gpicchio@nmsu.edu 646-1820
Richard C. Pratt Plant and Environmental Sciences Cropping Systems Research and Plant Breeding ricpratt@nmsu.edu 646-3406
Albert Rango Jornada Exper Range Headquarters Snow hydrology, climate change, and remote sensing alrango@nmsu.edu 646-2120
Lakshmi Reddi Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering engrdean@nmsu.edu 646-3647
David A. Rockstraw Chemical Engineering Water treatment technology drockstr@nmsu.edu 646-7705
Carlos Rosencrans Agricultural and Extension Education (AXED) Windmills, Agricultural mechanics crosencr@nmsu.edu 646-4511
Rossana Sallenave Extension Animal Resources & Natural Resources Aquatic Ecology rsallena@nmsu.edu 646-6093
Zohrab A. Samani Civil and Geological Engineering Water resource development zsamani@nmsu.edu 646-2904
Gerald “Jerry” Sims Entomology Plant Pathology and Weed Science Environmental microbiology gksims@nmsu.edu 646-3225
Manoj K. Shukla Plant and Environmental Sciences Water and Solute Transport in Soils shuklamk@nmsu.edu 646-2324
Sergei N. Smirnov Chemistry & Biochemistry Nanofluidics, nanoporous membranes, biosensors, drug delivery, photoinduced charge transfer, scanning probe microscopy snsm@nmsu.edu 646-1547
Geoffrey B. Smith Biology Environmental microbiology gsmith@nmsu.edu 646-6080
Robert G. Smits Mathematical Sciences Stochastic transport of chemicals and biological mechanisms in porous media rsmits@nmsu.edu 646-2884
Caiti M. Steele Jornada Exper Range Headquarters Remote Sensing, Snow Hydrology, Agriculture & Climate Change caiti@nmsu.edu 646-4144
Kenny Stevens Engineering Technology Solar water distillation and groundwater hydrology kstevens@nmsu.edu 646-2491
Blair L. Stringam Plant and Environmental Sciences Irrigation, Open Channel Flow Measurement, Sensor Applications blairs@nmsu.edu 646-7665
April L. Ulery Plant and Environmental Sciences Environmental Soil Chemistry aulery@nmsu.edu 646-2219
Jacob Urquidi Physics Physics of molecular liquids (water in particular) and amorphous materials jurquidi@nmsu.edu 646-5199
Frank A. Ward Ag Economics and Ag Business Economics and policy fward@nmsu.edu 646-1220
Nicolas Webb Jornada Exper Range Headquarters Rangeland management, Land degradation processes and climate-management interactions, Spatiotemporal patterns and drivers of wind and water erosion, Climate change impacts and adaptation in socio-ecological systems nwebb@nmsu.edu 646-3584
Benjamin Widner Economics and International Business Urban and regional economics bwidner@nmsu.edu 646-5989
Pei Xu Civil Engineering Water and wastewater engineering; membrane processes; desalination; potable and non-potable water reuse; produced water treatment; advanced oxidation and disinfection; biological and bioelectrochemical processes; removal of emerging contaminants; membrane fouling pxu@nmsu.edu 646-5870









Researcher Department Field of Study Email Phone
Aravamudan Gopalan Chemistry and Biochemistry Water remediation agopalan@nmsu.edu 646-2589
Saeed Langarudi Animal & Range Sciences System dynamics, natural resource economics, public policy, socioeconomic development lang@nmsu.edu
Julie Maitland NMDA Ag Pgms and Resources Div Water policy and law jmaitlan@nmsu.edu 646-2642
Martha Mitchell Engineering Research Center Water quality and arsenic removal martmitc@nmsu.edu 646-3422
Jalal Rastegary Institute for Energy and the Environment Biofuels rastegar@nmsu.edu 646-1510
Tanner Schaub Bio Security And Food Safety Center Water chemical analysis tschaub@nmsu.edu 646-7582
Patrick Torres Northern District Supervisory Unit Small farm irrigation education and water conservation patorres@nmsu.edu (505)983-4615
Tony Valdez Taos County Extension Office Taos County Extension and Youth River Program and Small Farm Water Use tonvalde@nmsu.edu 758-3982
Cindy Watkins Reference and Research Services Agriculture and life sciences librarian cwatkins@lib.nmsu.edu 646-7484