Water Economics & Policy

Water Economics and Policy examines the demand for water by all its competing uses, including irrigated agriculture, energy, urban supply, and environmental restoration and management. Policies are examined for their influence on water supplies, water demands, and economic values of water reallocations among agricultural, environmental, energy, and urban users. It examines the role of water markets, water user decisions, institutional adjustments, and water-related policies with respect to resource costs, water quality, profitability, and environmental effects.

Water Economics & Policy Required Courses In Addition to WSM Core Courses

AEEC 501 Microeconomic Theory (3)

ECON 457 Mathematical Economics (3)

AEEC 540 Econometrics I (3) OR ECON 545 Econometrics II (3)

Ideas for Water Economics & Policy Electives

AXED 485 Agriscience and Technology Education Laboratory Applications (2)

AEEC 575 Advanced Water Resource Management and Policy (3)

AEEC 580 Natural Resources and Environmental Policy (3)

ECON 455 Public Utilities Regulation (3)

HL S 452 Environmental Health (3)

ECDV 651 Economic Development Theory (3)

ECDV 661 Regional Economic Modeling I (3)

ECDV 662 Regional Economic Modeling II (3)

ECDV 664 Population Economics (3)

ECDV 668 Economic Development Finance (3)

ECDV 671 Sustainable Economic Development (3)

MPH 550 Environmental Public Health Issues (3)

MPH 565 International Health Issues (3)

MPH 567 Rural Health Issues (3)

MPH 569 U.S.-Mexico Border Health Issues (3)